Magical balloon boy blanket: red


‘Up, up and away! The magical balloon is at the start of its adventure. It will fly across the lands and over the big sea, in search for the lost treasures! You can go on this adventure too…climb on when it lands and prepare to discover treasures of all kinds.’

Our sky is the perfect canvas to build upon dreams, the clouds are a guide to create stories and the night sky brings foward many possiblities. Use the magical balloon to start your world of imagination.

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These playful blankets can be used from the very first day that your baby is born. The enchanted designs make their world fun, whilst receiving sufficient visual stimulation to improve their concentration and memory.

The softness of these blankets will provide comfort and security for your baby, through those long sleepless nights and also, on their many smiley happy days.

When your little baby turns into a little toddler, they will experience the limitless imagination and creativity. Whether it’s making a tent out of the blanket or using it as a magic cape, as they save the world from the monsters under the bed.

The blanket makes an exceptional picnic rest, so as you enjoy the sun, your baby can enjoy tummy time whilst focusing on the contrasting colours, making those important life long connections in their brains.
And don’t forget that trip to the zoo, where your child can play peek a boo with the animals and hide behind their blanky!

These blankets will become a magical part of your baby’s young life. As they become older and their toes grow so much more… can keep this as a memory for your little ones to show their future seedlings and to share their story about how they saved the world!


See why sensory for more information on the benefits of visual stimulation.

Comes wrapped in soft white tissue paper with two special letters. One is a story for the child and the other is for the parent/carer.

Additional information


All of our blankets should be washed with similar/light colours on ideally a cool wash or 30 degrees.
Hang to dry and can be ironed on the front. (Please do not iron fleece).


76cm x 76cm approx


50% polyester.
50% poly canvas Portland.


Keep away from fire.

Regularly check babies temperature. This blanket is double layered. (The top: design and the bottom: soft fleece).

Keep all packaging away from babies and children.

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