Sensory and Design

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Inspiring curiosity.

With a lifelong passion for fine arts, creativity runs deep in Rosie’s veins.
A curiosity and exploration of the way we relate to the world around us
has been an ever-present theme within her life, and it’s precisely this
marriage of creativity and curiosity that’s at the core of While and Wonder.

Today, While and Wonder creates beautifully designed sensory toys
which are aesthetically stunning and geared thoughtfully towards
play – together, and independently. Through a curated collection of
extraordinary sensory-based products, you help babies and children
learn about the world – whilst opening up the opportunity for their
parents to see the world with the wonder of a small child. It’s about
creating an environment for adults and little people to play, explore and
bond – and what a magical thing that is.

This signature style is at once playful yet refined, with an abundance of
character and hand-illustrated charm that offers depth and personality.
Parents love these products not only for the way they enrich their babies’
play time, but for the way they site gently alongside the interior of their
home. While and Wonder products add something special to the
aesthetic of their home, rather than overriding or detracting from it.

Visual stimulation is encouraged from birth, as the contrast in colour helps the baby to focus and improves concentration skills. High contrast images are beneficial in the first months of the babies life as their eyes haven’t fully developed. Then as the retinas develop they start to see more colours and their shades, and this will aid in the adventures into their new world.

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